Caveat Venditor: Cebu, Metro Manila, Pampanga 

Caveat Venditor features street vendors in their local contexts. Above: vendor by the Philhealth building, Cebu. Below: Taho vendor along EDSA, Metro Manila. Below: Vendor along MacArthur Highway, San Fernando Pampanga. First post of Caveat Venditor appears here.

Little Glimpses

Now that my son is 2 months old, and Hannah a toddler, it’s a rare occasion that I can shoot on the street.  It feels so good to hold a camera after a long break.  Earlier, I came across these kids peering into a new construction site.       It reminded me of how I’ve always…

Friendly Neighbors 

Walking down the Jasa highway again this morning, I came across one of my first subjects.  I asked her how she was doing, and she launched into a full scale update. She later introduced me to her neighbors who invited me in. They graciously allowed me to take some photographs: Erika and Daniela:   Rodel…

More monochrome moments 

The two kids above looked poised for a prank. The fellow above looked like he really loved his snack. That’s Mountain Dew in the plastic bag. Good choice, sir. The way the man stood in the photo above felt very dramatic to me. Feel his powerful stillness. In the final photo, the emotion seems to emanate…

Grateful For

People like Roberto. I often see you cleaning our streets at 530am, faithful even with nobody watching. My respect only grew after you told me about your limp and the motoring accident that caused it. Stay strong out there, and God bless you!

Recent Work

Same streets, new sights.   

A bit of sadness 

Sometimes, you wake up sad for no apparent reason. That’s how I felt when I started shooting photos this morning. Somewhere along the way, I shifted focus to my environment and the meaningful things around me. It was good to see familiar things, like  the friendly taho (local tofu) man in his usual spot: Best…

Another side of town

Earlier this morning, I walked the Jasa highway southbound to see what I would find. I wasn’t in the best spirits starting out, but things got easier as I settled into a rhythm. I consciously tried to be more joyful, and that helped me connect with unfolding scenes. This last frame really tugged at my…

Street shots, no faces

Except for Jollibee’s face. His doesn’t count 🙂        

Feeling a Photograph 

As someone just learning the craft of photography, I have been devouring all manner of books, resources, and experiences. Some of you have been unknowing mentors through the amazing photos and moments you share. I am grateful. You have Carte Blanche to give me advice or criticism on any photo I post. I have found it very…