Caveat Venditor: Entry One

The risks for modern-day street merchants abound: exposure to extortion, violence, unhealthy conditions, in addition to the burden of being breadwinners amid the mounting vicissitudes of life.

Exploratiologo Ortigas Gallery

All five of the daily choices from Exploratiologo Ortigas in one place. Day One is here.  Day Two.  Day Three.  Day Four. Day Five.

Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day 5 of 5

Day Five of Exploratiologo Ortigas fell on a Sunday. Most of the streets were empty, and I managed to give Ingy a copy of her portrait before snapping the shot of the day. Here is the photo for Day 5:    Below the scrawl is the word “Saya,” a Filipino term for happy. Around the…

Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day 4

Day 4 had the shortest shooting time, at about 25 minutes, in the lowest light I had across five days. As it happened, I spent a greater part of the morning playing with my 11 month old son, who managed to rise early that day. Best use of time, I tell you. Someone once commented…

Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day 2

The Day 2 shoot happened on February 25, 2016, the 30th Anniversary of People Power.    The photo shows peace enforcers between 8-9 a.m., as they await the crowds en route to the celebration. On the upper left, we see the EDSA Shrine in the distance, also called The Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace….