Little Glimpses

Now that my son is 2 months old, and Hannah a toddler, it’s a rare occasion that I can shoot on the street.  It feels so good to hold a camera after a long break.  Earlier, I came across these kids peering into a new construction site.       It reminded me of how I’ve always…

Two Afternoons 

Hey hey.  Our son hit 6 weeks, Hannah 3 years, and we turned a corner (more than 3 hours of sleep a night), so there are some indications that I can snap photos with greater regularity now 🙂     

Monochrome Moments

I took some time away from posting and photo-walks to focus on the family, and welcome Rafael (our awesome son) into the world. I’ll make sure I post shots related to that at some point. Meanwhile… The week after the birth, with my wife on full baby duty, I saw to our daughter’s schooling needs….



Ah, parenthood.  

Fathers and mothers, your openly displayed love makes the world a better place.  Cheers!