Backyard Adventures 

I regularly shoot within a 2km radius of my home. One reason is I enjoy being close enough to rush back to my little ones if needed (got a lovely toddler and a handsome infant at home). The other reason is that everything I shoot looks different everyday. Let me unpack that thought. Looking at…

After a long day

Construction workers do amazing, difficult jobs, and it’s only fitting that they get some amazing views while they’re at it.    

From the goodie bag of past shots 

Somewhat random, chosen based on an identical feeling I had during the times I took these photos. When I shot each of them, I was utterly grateful to have a camera in my hands and shoes on my feet.           Cheers!           

Fancy hat, and some daddy thoughts.

It’s been a challenge to snap photos regularly with a toddler and 3 week old to care for and love.  I do maintain that being a dedicated father (and husband! I love you, Carla) somehow adds a personal depth to my photography that would be otherwise absent. And the scarcity of shooting time makes me…

Coffee Love And What it Can Teach Us About Photography (And Life!)

1. In coffee, and photography, magic happens when the right elements come together. It is a magical moment when the right bean, roast, grind, and extraction method combine. The result is a perfect cup of coffee, subjective as that may be. Coffee- like photography- is what you make of it, after all. 2. Coffee is…