Early Rolls and 35mm Film Thoughts

I began to love film photography during a sojourn in San Fernando, Pampanga. I found an F100 online and 16 rolls of expired YKL100 at a Fujifilm shop along OG road.  Because I shot those rolls early in my film journey, the images they contain are nostalgic and dear to me.  The vignetting on some…

Sweet little one

My daughter ❤️ For this image, I used Ektar 100 film and a beloved Nikon FM. 

Rodel and Daniela 

I chanced upon Rodel and Daniela again today. This shot seemed to capture the father’s caring, somewhat shy demeanor. I’ve got a real soft spot for parents, as I am learning firsthand the difficulties (and joys) of raising a family. Hooray for parents everywhere 🙂