About Streetograph

This is an online photo-journal, after a fashion. My first post details how this all began.

There’s a beautiful book called “Road to Seeing” by the inimitable Dan Winters. It’s a brilliant treatise on photography as a life journey. While I wish I could say my blog’s title is an allusion to the book, I prepared this blog before hearing about or purchasing Road to Seeing. That said, if you will allow the accidental allusion, I would be incredibly honored. I truly admire Dan Winters’ ethos and approach to photography and to being a human in general.

At the core, my photography is a  personal attempt to connect with others, whether they see me or not, and with environments as I encounter them. I hope to give respect to my subjects, and to add something of value to others as they encounter my work.

I hope to make the most of the gift of time, and to be a kind human being with a compassionate and open heart.


  1. Hello- your photographs and words are so beautiful. I came across this while designing a coffee house. Do you sell your images? thank you

  2. Hello, I am happy that you found the blog where I write about Photography. I am sure you know that Photography is the only topic I discuss.
    Nice to be in contact. Now that I know about you I will spend some time looking at your photographs and read what you have to say.

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