Caveat Venditor: Aljun At the Footbridge

Commuters need good food. They use a lot of energy–and time–in traffic and transit, so every moment they can save counts. They often want to reach their workplace armed with a packed meal or two as “baon”, saving time they would otherwise lose to the lunch rush later in the day. Vendors like Aljun meet the needs of such folk, offering vital, affordable meals in plastic bags. Aljun and other such vendors position themselves in strategic locations, such as this footbridge spanning the width of Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, a major artery of Metro Manila, and the pathway of the MRT Line 3: 


A commuter walking through ththe footbridge can choose from his selection of home-cooked food, cutting out a trip to a canteen or the hard work of cooking the food themselves. 


Thank you, Aljun! 

Caveat Venditor features street vendors in their local contexts. Find the previous entry here

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