Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day 5 of 5

Day Five of Exploratiologo Ortigas fell on a Sunday. Most of the streets were empty, and I managed to give Ingy a copy of her portrait before snapping the shot of the day. Here is the photo for Day 5:


Below the scrawl is the word “Saya,” a Filipino term for happy. Around the wall with the scribble was a collection of derelict stalls. The character of the decay exuded a captivating aura that I did not find in other parts of the city. Perhaps it was the nearly complete absence of humans that amplified the pull within these artifacts of old burger joints and once-bustling food shops. 

There’s also an almost universal  human tendency to seek beauty within ruinous places. The choice for a Day 5 winner was easy,  and I could not have scripted a better shot for the final day of my experimental series. 

I hope you enjoyed Exploratiologo Ortigas. To make viewing the images simpler, I’ll include all five of the winners in a single post soon, followed by a gallery of another series on street vendors, which I completed alongside Exploratiologo Ortigas.  

Meanwhile, Day One is here.

Day Two.

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