Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day 2

The Day 2 shoot happened on February 25, 2016, the 30th Anniversary of People Power.

The photo shows peace enforcers between 8-9 a.m., as they await the crowds en route to the celebration. On the upper left, we see the EDSA Shrine in the distance, also called The Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace. It is a separate landmark from the EDSA Monument, which sits farther north. The original 1986 event involved the bloodless overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos, a former Philippine president who at one point exercised both Executive and Legislative powers through Martial Law. Marcos’ power-retention tactics included torture, enforced disappearances, and political imprisonment. 

The Day 1 photo, along with the mechanics of Exploratiologo Ortigas, can be viewed here.

Day Three is also available here. 

Day Four. 

Day Five. 

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