Exploratiologo Ortigas, Day One (5 Day Project)

I took five mornings to do 30-60 minutes of shooting, with one photo making it to a post from each day.


1. Digital or Film allowed.

2. Walkspace limited to 2km radius.

3. Wait 5 days before sharing each day’s work.

Here’s day 1 (2-24-16, ):

Hand of Friendship.

Thoughts: After some sidewalk shots and a brisk walk down Shaw, I came across a lady whose hands I knew I needed to photograph. We talked for a moment and I asked her permission to make this picture. I like the texture her hands bring, and her emotional strength, which comes through even without a glimpse of her face. I am grateful to have met her.

Day Two is here.

Day Three.

Day Four.

Day Five.

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