Backyard AdventuresĀ 

I regularly shoot within a 2km radius of my home. One reason is I enjoy being close enough to rush back to my little ones if needed (got a lovely toddler and a handsome infant at home). The other reason is that everything I shoot looks different everyday. Let me unpack that thought.

Looking at the same sidewalks and streets over and over has sensitized me to things I might not have valued before. For instance, I recently fell in love with these cool machines:

As Jay Maisel puts it, even inanimate things gesture to us. It has taken a lot of time, but I’m seeing what he means unfolding before me bit by bit.

One thing constant in my photo-wandering is my soft spot for the random stranger that lets me into his/her world for a brief moment.

Sometimes, we remember each other beyond the photo. That’s what happened with Jesse, a local street sweeper. I greet him whenever I see him, and I thank him for all he does. I also gave him a print of his street portrait:

Another thing I’ve learned is that gratitude and respect help turn the camera into a bridge to another person’s world.

Speaking of bridges, here’s a shot of me under an actual bridge, courtesy of A. Boyes:

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading this far. Stay strong out there and God bless you!

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