Everyday inspirationĀ 

Another hardworking person whose labors allow us the joy of nutritious meals and fresh food.    

Bicycles Are Cool

I love it when bicycles have baskets:   They’re also cool without them, of course.       

After a long day

Construction workers do amazing, difficult jobs, and it’s only fitting that they get some amazing views while they’re at it.    

Heroic Fellow

Roberto on the road as always, keeping San Fernando beautiful. I love this man and all the hard workers like him.    

Dealing with the Heat

Some people use umbrellas as a shield from the blistering rays of the summer sun.    Others follow the way of  the ninja:   My style is to get a cup of ice cold water, which I, at some point, just might pour on my head. 

An Old Friend

We seem to cross paths inevitably. I genuinely enjoy speaking with her. She is hanging tough, despite the curve balls life has thrown at her. She makes do the best way she can.  We may be tempted to see only the wounds poverty inflicts upon her, but that would be condescending and unfair. She is…