Fancy hat, and some daddy thoughts.


It’s been a challenge to snap photos regularly with a toddler and 3 week old to care for and love.  I do maintain that being a dedicated father (and husband! I love you, Carla) somehow adds a personal depth to my photography that would be otherwise absent. And the scarcity of shooting time makes me appreciate the moments I have to practice street photography, which at this point is the 1000 morning steps to work, and the 1000 afternoon steps back home.


  1. Trust me – they grow up really quickly. I’ve got 2 kids of my own and am juggling family with work and street photography myself. The photography can wait. Or you could do family candids.

    1. Hi Eddie, I meant to reply much earlier that I appreciated your advice. Thanks for sharing your experience. You are right! The photography can and will wait. And about family candids, I do love taking them. Thanks for stopping by!

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