Two Afternoons 

Hey hey.  Our son hit 6 weeks, Hannah 3 years, and we turned a corner (more than 3 hours of sleep a night), so there are some indications that I can snap photos with greater regularity now 🙂     

Rodel and Daniela 

I chanced upon Rodel and Daniela again today. This shot seemed to capture the father’s caring, somewhat shy demeanor. I’ve got a real soft spot for parents, as I am learning firsthand the difficulties (and joys) of raising a family. Hooray for parents everywhere 🙂

Fancy hat, and some daddy thoughts.

It’s been a challenge to snap photos regularly with a toddler and 3 week old to care for and love.  I do maintain that being a dedicated father (and husband! I love you, Carla) somehow adds a personal depth to my photography that would be otherwise absent. And the scarcity of shooting time makes me…


I met Eric and co. as they waited for a bus en route to Tarak ridge. They told me that once I tasted a single climb, I would be hooked. They were proof:  while they each had day jobs, they found time to head to the mountains regularly. I wished them luck and they graciously…