From above 

I imagine his mother / wife would ask him where his helmet went.  

beautiful children

  I fed you, but forgot to ask your name. I was so shaken by your destitute reality. We tried to clean you but ran out of the meager napkins I had in my pocket midway. Your brother told us your mother would return l, and  I pray that she does.  Though dirt and…

Roberto, Reprise

He made sure to remind me that he was once a strong weightlifter. I handed him prints of yesterday’s portraits. He said thank you.

Grateful For

People like Roberto. I often see you cleaning our streets at 530am, faithful even with nobody watching. My respect only grew after you told me about your limp and the motoring accident that caused it. Stay strong out there, and God bless you!

Why Streetograph?

Why streetograph? Because it suggests a connection to street photography, and it reminds me of what attracts me to the camera- the opportunity to collide with human realities…

Recent Work

Same streets, new sights.