Feeling a Photograph 

As someone just learning the craft of photography, I have been devouring all manner of books, resources, and experiences. Some of you have been unknowing mentors through the amazing photos and moments you share. I am grateful.

You have Carte Blanche to give me advice or criticism on any photo I post.

I have found it very helpful to dive into the feelings and sensations that come with a particular moment about to be photographed: the cold of the morning, the blistering heat of noon (I sometimes shoot on lunch breaks), or the cheer of a day nearly done. Feelings (of the one behind the camera) are a part of photography that I didn’t think were important at the start, but which I value highly today.

The ephemeral items – feelings, laughter, sounds, sensations- seem more present and real when I’ve got a camera in my hand.

Whether I play the role of a shadow or an engaging bystander, I hope to respect each person and scene. When I connect genuinely with the environment in a fleeting but special moment, the result is usually a photo I find personally satisfying.

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