Because… A puppy!

I had a bunch of photos I wanted to share about bicycles in San Fernando. But this takes precedence, obviously. Look at that handsome fella.

What’s on your mind?

I have taken photos of you only with utmost respect. I may never see you again, so I wish you a blessed and meaningful life.

Finding Things

After 150 shots and 2 miles, I worried that I’d go home with nothing in my camera worth sharing. It all changed after I spotted that Mountain Dew bottle next to an anthill of axles.

Chance Meeting

“Good morning.” I said to the woman by the road. “Are you sure it’s a good morning?” “Yes. Can I take your photograph?” “Baka sumabog camera mo sa beauty ko!” (Your camera may explode from my beauty). She replied. I promised to give her a print the very same day. I took a few pictures…

Major and minor themes

“One time, I went around photographing an idea from music, where there’s a major theme and a minor theme… something that you should see immediately, but then there should always be a secret.” (D. Beckerman quoted in The Essentials of Street Photography, (c) 2012 James Maher). As a variation on Beckerman’s experiment, I’d like this blog to have an…

Learning to See

How I got into street photography. It all started with a desire to capture emotion and preserve family memories. Later, it became a pursuit to genuinely connect with others, and to capture human candor.