Stumbled Upon Some Racers

On my usual morning photo walk, I chanced upon a competitive run. I didn’t see any photographers at this leg of the course, so I started snapping away.

If you were there, I hope you had a good race. Feel free to grab any of these pictures!

My apologies for the blurriness in some of the shots.

2015_0225_06250700_1 2015_0225_06252000(2)_1 2015_0225_06255200_1 2015_0225_06262700_1 2015_0225_06265100(2)_1 2015_0225_06265500(2)_1 2015_0225_06265500_1 2015_0225_06271500_1 2015_0225_06280900_1 2015_0225_06281800_1 2015_0225_06283400_1 2015_0225_06295600_1 2015_0225_06300800(2)_1 2015_0225_06301300_1 2015_0225_06303900_1 2015_0225_06304900_1 2015_0225_06310600_1 2015_0225_06243300(2)_1

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