Major and minor themes

“One time, I went around photographing an idea from music, where there’s a major theme and a minor theme… something that you should see immediately, but then there should always be a secret.” (D. Beckerman quoted in The Essentials of Street Photography, (c) 2012 James Maher).

As a variation on Beckerman’s experiment, I’d like this blog to have an eclectic mix of minor themes adding perspective to my attempts at street photography.

But why a blog in the first place?

  • One, I enjoy writing.
  • Two, I think a photograph’s value increases when shared.
  • Three, I can’t improve in a vacuum, and I have a really long way to grow.
  • Lastly, I’m following the advice of a friend I visited in Cebu who suggested I chronicle this journey.

Here are a few shots from that same visit to Cebu, a place I once called home:

Street art and a human:


A sidewalk vendor:



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