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A Language of Kindness

Back in 2017, we had the pleasure of spending a full day with Archie and his team at the Independent Living Learning Centre (ILLC). He met us with warm handshakes and a sincere presence. As a welcoming gift, the children of ILLC presented us with self-made lays of re-purposed magazine paper. We wore these artifacts…

Deej and Laura!

Been photographing my friends Deej and Laura since they got together a few years ago. My pictures are from the long distance phase of their love story. In between stretches apart, they’d see each other for a few precious days. I was happy to capture some of those moments. This was from our first shoot,…

love #3

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love #2

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Working With Presets, Entry 2 (Ektar Emulated)

My last post on presets showed some of the results possible on VSCO 00. Today, I’m featuring emulations of two of my favorite films: Kodak Ektar100 and Kodak BW400CN. Before we go to what the emulations look like, here are a few film shots on Ektar 100 and BW400CN: Above: All Ektar 100 (1- Hannah,…

Working With Presets, Entry 1 (VSCO 00)

This is the first of five posts exploring the use of presets to enhance the storytelling power of images. In the same way that film photographers rely on proven methods of analog editing / enhancement to tell a story (manual doge and burn, push and pull developing), presets (commercial or home-made) can be useful components…

Early Rolls and 35mm Film Thoughts

I began to love film photography during a sojourn in San Fernando, Pampanga. I found an F100 online and 16 rolls of expired YKL100 at a Fujifilm shop along OG road.  Because I shot those rolls early in my film journey, the images they contain are nostalgic and dear to me.  The vignetting on some…